Tiger & Bunny - Origami Cyclone's Mask Papercraft Free Download

Tiger & Bunny - Origami Cyclone's Mask Papercraft Free Download


Tiger & Bunny - Origami Cyclone's Mask Papercraft Free DownloadThis papercraft is Origami Cyclone (Ivan Karelin)’s mask, based on the anime series , the paper model created by gankutsu-o-taku. Origami Cyclone is a hero who wears a ninja-themed costume and tends to engage himself more in advertising than in actual crime-fighting. Ivan mostly appears in the background of photos and broadcasts to please his sponsors. Recently, Ivan has decided to be more active hero and even though his powers aren't made for combat, he assists in evacuation and making sure the citizens are safe and takes down criminals with his ninja weapons and martial arts.

Origami Cyclone once attended the Hero Academy alongside his best friend Edward. Unlike Edward, however, he was a poor student and had no confidence in his abilities. One time when they were off campus, they happened upon a large crowd surrounding a hostage situation. Edward decided to use his NEXT abilities to apprehend the criminals, but was unable to convince Ivan to help. Even when Edward's attempt led to a worse situation, Ivan was too frightened and self-conscious to act. Though he ended up becoming a hero, Ivan continued to feel the guilt for Edward ending up in prison, without a future.

Origami Cyclone's costume is highly decorative, and filled with logos from his sponsors. The long handles of a pair of swords protrude from the back and are shown being used in episode 25. On his back is a large shuriken, used in episode 24 and 25, and the armor covers his entire body. Starting in episode 14, he gained several more sponsors than he had had previously.

Origami Cyclone has the ability to copy the appearance and voice of others. He does not copy any of their attributes such as strength or NEXT powers. Ivan seems to be quite fast, as he can appear right as the cameras flash.

In episode 21, he demonstrated the ability to either turn into a poster or become invisible, so he might have camouflaging abilities. This also implies that his power isn't limited to humans, he is able to shapeshift into various objects and items.

Aside from his powers, his costume comes with several weapons. He has been shown using shurikens and has a pair of swords on his back, though if he has been trained or not in either of those field of weapons is unknown. Recently in episode 24, Ivan was able to slice down an iron door with the giant shuriken on his back meaning his weapons aren't just for show but for combat. He is also physically strong, as he was able to jump onto a warehouse when Jake discovered he was a spy. Ivan was also shown able to pilot a helicopter when he was sent undercover as a spy on Jake.

You can download this papercraft template here: Tiger & Bunny - Origami Cyclone's Mask Papercraft Free Download