Tido Slott Swedish Castle Free Building Paper Model Download

Tido Slott Swedish Castle Free Building Paper Model Download


Tido Slott Swedish Castle Free Building Paper Model DownloadThis building paper model is the Tido Slott, this papercraft is published by Allers Familj-Journal. Tido is a castle lining, just southwest of Vasteras, Vastmanland.

Since 1971 Tido castles open to the public. At the castle include a toy museum, inns and chapels. Tidos oldest building is a castle with a square floor plan called Oldenburg. It is probably built by the Privy Council Branch in the late 1400's and are still standing as a ruin. The present castle was built by Axel Oxenstierna 1625-1645. Probably made ​​a Dutch architect making initial drawings, but after 1640 oversaw Nicodemus Tessin construction. It consists of a rectangular main building and three lower contiguous wings that surround a square courtyard. You enter the courtyard through a large arch in the south wing.

The dramatic sandstone portal flanked by Doric half-columns, supporting a Doric floor and over a magnificent double weapon Oxenstierna and Baat. The sculpted Tido doors are available in impressive numbers at the castle, like the original bjälktaken with Renaissance motifs. Axel Oxenstierna parade floor has been undisturbed for all time.

Tidos first certainly known owner was privy councilor Ivar Magnusson Branch. His daughter sold the farm in 1537 to Queen Margaret Eriksdotter. Gustav Vasa changed it in 1540 against Ekolsund to Goran Akesson. He was inherited by his sister Christina, wife of the councilor Johan Baat. His granddaughter Anna, since 1608 married to Axel Oxenstierna, the succession of his father in 1610 Tidö on his lot. Then held Tido by members of the families Oxenstierna, Soop of Liminka, Dohna and Ridderstolpe and others. 1889 it was bought by Carl David von Schinkel. The same year he entailed estate law in Hamrange works in the north moved to Tido. Now owned Tido Castle of David and his wife Christina von Schinkel.

You can download this building paper craft from here: Tido Slott Swedish Castle Free Building Paper Model Download