Thunderbird 2 Transporter Aircraft Paper Model Free Download

Thunderbird 2 Transporter Aircraft Paper Model Free Download


Thunderbird 2 Transporter Aircraft Paper Model Free DownloadThis paper model is the Thunderbird 2 transporter aircraft, based on British science fiction television show , the paper model was created by ijoy. Thunderbird 2 is International Rescue's heavy-duty transporter aircraft which carries rescue equipment to the danger zone in one of 6 pods. Thunderbird 2 is a large, green VTOL aircraft that is used in most earth-based rescue missions. It is normally piloted by Virgil Tracy, who is often accompanied by either Alan Tracy, Gordon Tracy, Brains and sometimes Tin-Tin.

Thunderbird 2 is 250 feet long with a wingspan of 180 feet and a height of 60 feet. A long-range craft, it is capable reaching anywhere in the world without refuelling and has a maximum speed of 5000 mph (cruises at 2000 mph). It therefore arrives at the danger zone later than Thunderbird 1.

The launch sequence begins with Thunderbird 2 taxiing through a steel hangar door disguised as a cliff face onto a runway flanked with palm trees that fall back to accommodate the large wingspan. The aircraft is then raised on a platform until it is at the correct angle for take-off. A blast shield rises at the rear of the launch ramp, channelling the exhaust of the rear engines through a series of tunnels to the other side of the island. The need for Thunderbird 2 to launch from Tracy Island using a ramp is unclear, because at all other times it takes off using its VTOL thrusters.

In "Terror in New York City", Thunderbird 2 was fired upon and crippled by the USS Sentinel, and remained out of operation for the rest of the episode. The vehicle was subsequently repaired using parts sourced from several different aircraft companies in order to protect the secrets of the aircraft's design.

The model used in "Thunderbird 2" has a design flaw. Scenes involving T2 unloading its pod clearly show the pod being the entire length of the pod bay. This conflicts with scenes where the pods are loaded laterally via conveyor in the Tracy Island hangar. The support pylons which raise T2 up are located at the side of the superstructure and so would not allow the pods on the conveyor to pass underneath the vehicle.The legs do appear taller when in the cave so the pods would be able to conveyer under it.

You can download the paper craft template here: Thunderbird 2 Transporter Aircraft Paper Model Free Download [Ver.1] [Instruction]