The Ultimate Papercraft Collection

The Ultimate Papercraft Collection


The title says it all, this is probably one the best papercraft collection that I've ever seen, erase that, it is the best papercraft collection I've seen so far. The number of extremely rare and limited editions is just astounding. I would be lying if I said that I'm not impressed, because I am very impressed with it. The picture I used for this post is a Chokipeta designed papercraft from a Japanese Xbox game called Metal Wolf Chaos, the reason for that is because it's one of five that I've been hunting down for quite some time now and I still couldn't get my hands on one.

Just by looking at it I can easily tell that a serious amount of money went into acquiring such a vast and huge collection, if you're not based in Japan it'll cost even more. Here's an example to give you an idea of how much money you have to spend to get a limited edition papercraft (I'm talking from a collector's POV ok), well use the Chokipeta Giant Robo Head on the Collections 3 folder for our example.

Let's pretend you live in the United States or somewhere out of Japan and that you can read and write Japanese, realistically there's two ways to get it: purchase it directly or win it in an auction. When you purchase it directly you have to buy the DVD set that it comes with (on sale for $200 + shipping)(Amazon Japan $213 + $30 shipping), if you decide to go for the auction route you can head on to Yahoo Japan Auctions or any other reputable auction site and try to search if they have it (the odds of finding one are very slim). If/once you find it, bid - pray - hope you'll win. However, if you don't speak the language, you can use a third-party auction-bidding site such as Rinkya, ooh!Japan, MoJ, etc. to place the bid for you for a fee (on top of other fees). Yes, doing the auction route will definitely break your piggy bank.

The owner of this collection goes by the handle name Tikitiki_m and proudly displays his/her collection at the link below.

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