The Ultimate Canon SLR / DSLR Papercrafts (Canonflex, AE-1, & EOS 5D Mk II)


The Ultimate Canon SLR/DSLR Papercrafts
Last year Canon celebrated its 50th Anniversary in producing high-quality SLRs, CANON iMAGE GATEWAY Europe posted these papercrafts representing 3 of their most significant / historic / legendary SLR/DSLR cameras ^^.

CanonflexCanonflex Papercraft
Canonflex Papercraft Part 1 [Download]
Canonflex Papercraft Part 2

Canon AE-1Canon AE1 Papercraft
Canon AE-1 Papercraft Part 1 [Download]
Canon AE-1 Papercraft Part 2

Canon EOS 5D Mk IICanon EOS 5D Mk II Papercraft
Canon EOS 5D Mk II Papercraft Part 1 [Download]
Canon EOS 5D Mk II Papercraft Part 2

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