The Smurfs - Baby Smurf Free Papercraft Download


The Smurfs - Baby Smurf Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Smurfette (original French name Bébé Schtroumpf), one of the main characters of  comic book series and cartoon show, the paper toy is created by Paper Mike.

Baby Smurf was brought to the village by a stork from an unknown location where presumably all baby Smurfs came from. He became the object of affection from all the Smurfs who have known him from that point on. He also exhibited some magical powers that came into use whenever the situation required it. Baby Smurf can only utter baby-talk words and usually appears swinging a baby rattle.

Baby Smurf appears in the app Smurfs' Village. Baby costs 30 smurfberries. His house is a multi-colored nursery with Blocks,a carriage,a ball, blocks and the teddy bear Snappy gave him. He gives 60xp every few hours when you press on the bottle above his head. [Source: wikia]

About the paper model:
Size: 15 cm
Pages: 4
Format: .pdo, line + lineless

You can download this papercraft model here: The Smurfs - Baby Smurf Free Papercraft Download