The Simpsons - Jeffrey Albertson Free Papercraft Download

The Simpsons - Jeffrey Albertson Free Papercraft Download


The Simpsons - Jeffrey Albertson Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Jeffrey Albertson (better known as Comic Book Guy), the overweight, geeky proprietor of the comic book store, The Android's Dungeon and Baseball Card Shop, from anime series, the paper model is created by [unknown], and shared by Lex Bermùdez. The size of finished model is about 250 (H) x 164 (W) x 124 (D) mm.

Though thought to be an antagonist, he is sarcastic, surly, and insulting at certain points. Comic Book Guy is a very obese, socially incompetent, unshaven, cruel man who is perhaps best known for his sarcastic quips. He holds a master's degree in folklore and mythology. He exhibits geeky behavior to an extraordinary and deliberately unrealistic degree, and often also makes references to obscure subjects or internet culture. His catchphrase is the declaration, "Worst... (episode)... ever". He states that he is a 45 year-old virgin who lives with his mother. His obesity has been stated on The Simpsons: Hit and Run, where he can be used driving you around in his car, when one of his replies is that he might as well pick you up, since he can't fit into his office chair anymore. Comic Book Guy is extremely overweight to the point to were his clothes barely fit. He also at one point suffered from lumbago.

Appropriate to his name, Comic Book Guy is obsessed with comic books, pop culture and science fiction. Comic Book Guy has a bumper sticker that reads "My Other Car Is The Millennium Falcon," given to him by a Harrison Ford lookalike. The license plate on his AMC Gremlin is NCC-1701, the registry number of Star Trek's USS Enterprise. [Source: wikia]

You can download this papercraft template here: The Simpsons - Jeffrey Albertson Free Papercraft Download