The Return of Ultraman - Takkong Free Papercraft Download

The Return of Ultraman - Takkong Free Papercraft Download


The Return of Ultraman - Takkong Free Papercraft DownloadThis Ultraman papercraft is designed by ozasikiwarasi. Takkong is a monster that appeared in the TV series, The Return of Ultraman. He appears in episodes 1 and 2 Subtitle: Oil Monster. His height is 45 meters and weighs 23,000 tons.

Takkong was one of two aquatic monsters that rose from the depths of the ocean along with Zazahn. The two monsters began to do battle at once, smashing through nearby structures in Tokyo Bay. During the midst of their fight, a young man known as Hideki Goh was killed while he was rescue countless lives from the two monsters' destruction. Zazahn and Takkong continued their titanic war until finally the battle ended with Zazahn being killed by Takkong. Takkong then set his sights on the city, but a bright flash of light force Takkong to retreat back to the ocean.

Takkong returned a few days later, attacking the MAT's underwater base. Luckily, they managed to drive him off with the use of two torpedoes, but not before it ruptured an oil line. The massive beast also wasn’t dead yet though, as it began to feed on the oil of one of the Japanese refineries. The creature hoisted itself from the depths, igniting the entire area as explosions tore up from the ground. When M.A.T finally arrived, Goh transformed himself into Ultraman. The red and silver hero grappled with the creature, but upon getting his head too close, the creature unleashed a blast of water, momentarily blinding the alien being. Regaining his composure, the hero tore off one of the monster’s limbs before hitting it with his own Specium Ray. The intense energies sent Takkong to the ground, sparks rising from its body before the entire behemoth exploded.

You can download this ultraman paper craft from here: The Return of Ultraman - Takkong Free Papercraft Download