The Lion King - Timon Free Papercraft Download

The Lion King - Timon Free Papercraft Download


The Lion King - Timon Free Papercraft DownloadThis is the Timon, one of the characters from The Lion King, the paper model was created by Brandon. Timon is the best friend of Pumbaa and the protector of Simba when he was little. Inspired by the idea of having a major predator on their side, he and Pumbaa took Simba in when he collapsed of heat exhaustion after his father's death. He was voiced by Nathan Lane in the trilogy films, Kevin Schon in Timon and Pumbaa and House of Mouse, Quinton Flynn in some of the Timon and Pumbaa episodes, and by Bruce Lanoil in Kingdom Hearts II, Disney Th!nk Fast, and The Wild About Safety shorts.

Timon can be rather selfish and thoughtless at times, but in the end, he has a good heart and is loyal to his friends. Unlike most meerkats, who work constantly, Timon is a lazy daydreamer which results in him being cast out of his colony. His status at the bottom of the food chain means he relies on stronger animals to protect him once he's on his own, and as such he usually looks out for himself, but nonetheless he never abandons his friends in times of trouble and is willing to risk himself for them.

He is also shown to be self-absorbed and not as clever as he'd like to think he is, often claiming Pumbaa's good ideas as his own. He is not incapable of thinking up his own plans, though, as shown by his greatest moment being the "Tunnels" plan in The Lion King 1½. He is also a coward because he tried to intimidate Zira but it backfired. He introduced himself and Pumbaa to Zira and said that they know each other to leave the Pride Lands. However Zira instantly replied "YOUR Pride Lands" and roared. After this Timon hid behind Pumbaa.

About this paper model:
Height: 20.0 cm/ 7.9 in
Width: 12.4 cm/ 4.9 in
Depth: 14.1 cm/ 5.6 in
No. of Pages: 4
Level: Medium-Hard

You can download the paper craft model here: The Lion King - Timon Free Papercraft Download