The Legendary Starfy - Starfy Free Papercraft Download

The Legendary Starfy - Starfy Free Papercraft Download


The Legendary Starfy - Starfy Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is the Starfy (aka Stafy), based on the video game series The Legendary Starfy, the paper model was created by Paperlegend. There is another version here: The Legendary Starfy Papercraft. Starfy is the main character and the hero of The Legendary Starfy series, known as Densetsu no Stafy in Japan and originally released in English regions only since 2002. He is 7 years old and is 36 cm (14.2in; 1 ft, 2.2in) tall, and is a relatively easy-going, clumsy, friendly character to get along with.

Although he's fairly persistent in completing his goals, he is spacey, absentminded, and so forgetful that often he cannot remember how to perform his own techniques. He tends to maneuver better in water than on land. His signature technique is the "Star Spin", a spinning attack he uses to dispatch foes. He lives in Pufftop Palace with his younger sister Starly. Starfy can speak, but usually his dialogue in the games is limited to exclamations and sounds.

The fifth game was released on June 8, 2009 in North America under the name The Legendary Starfy. Previously, he was referred to by his Japanese name Stafy in English media. The overall series itself was created by TOSE, a second-party video game developing company of Nintendo. Starfy has made four cameos appearances in Mario related games.

The Legendary Starfy series is a video game series developed by TOSE and published by Nintendo. The series is the only franchise that TOSE owns the copyright for, although Nintendo owns the copyright as well.

You can download this paper craft template here: The Legendary Starfy - Starfy Free Papercraft Download