The Legend of Zelda - White Wolfos free papercraft download

The Legend of Zelda - White Wolfos free papercraft download


The Legend of Zelda - White Wolfos free papercraft downloadThis zelda papercraft is designed by Paperlegend. The White Wolfos are enemies that appear in Ocarina of Time, Majora's Mask, Twilight Princess and Spirit Tracks.

White Wolfos, as the name describes, are snowy, sometimes anthropomorphic wolf-like creatures that take to icy climates such as the Snow Realm in Spirit Tracks and Snowpeak in Twilight Princess, however, these foes have been spotted in unlikely areas as well such as the Gerudo's Training Ground in Ocarina of Time. These creatures are usually common overworld enemies, nevertheless, in Majora's Mask, they disappear in Snowhead and the surrounding area once Goht is defeated, and only appear in the Ice Cavern of Ocarina of Time. In terms of appearance, the Twilight Princess incarnation inhibits a glow of sorts, adding to its enhanced realistic look, while the Spirit Tracks foes appear more cartoony to match the graphical style. It is interesting to note, that these White Wolfos have yellow eyes, while their previous incarnations have red eyes.

These enemies tend to circle around Link, as if a human combatant themselves, looking for an appropriate time to strike and keeping their dark paws up as shields until the right moment. White Wolfos can dodge, block, and even counter Link's attacks, making them quite the formidable foe. The enemies seen in Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask stand on their two feet while attacking, while the hounds from Twilight Princess and Spirit Tracks not only attack in packs, but choose to butt into Link on all fours, by comparison. Interestingly, the White Wolfos of Twilight Princess can dive headlong into the snow as if it was water and reappear elsewhere, enabling them to disappear at will and launch surprise attacks.

You can download this zelda papercraft from here: The Legend of Zelda - White Wolfos free papercraft download