The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Demon Lord Ghirahim Free Papercraft Download


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword - Demon Lord Ghirahim Free Papercraft DownloadThis zelda papercraft is from Paperlegend. Ghirahim is one of two primary antagonists featured in Skyward Sword. He is a figure of authority in the land below Skyloft, and he thinks quite highly of himself, preferring to be called Lord Ghirahim. His main objective lies in continuously hunting for Zelda to use her spirit as a goddess for his plan to resurrect Demise, his master.Although at first Ghirahim thinks little of Link and his presence, the Demon Lord grows frustrated and erratic as he realizes the young hero is a strong inconvenience to his plans.

Ghirahim is portrayed as a flamboyant, seemingly calm, overconfident opponent whose only goal is to capture Zelda and use her to revive Demise, his master. His mannerisms are exaggerated and theatrical, speaking in an eloquent, flashy style when directing himself to others.Ghirahim is also conceited and vain when it comes to flaunting his own appearance, which he regards as "stunning," "exquisite," and "pure". He acts formally and polite towards Link, at first claiming to be "uncivil" since he had not yet properly introduced himself to the young hero when they first met. Despite this, he is not above insulting others and calling them juvenile names, mocking them at any chance he gets. Since he considers himself to be superior to humans and a benevolent fighter, he at first chooses not to murder Link immediately as it would be unfair for the young hero. Nonetheless, Ghirahim enjoys toying with others and making them suffer until he has been satisfied enough.

However, when things do not go the way he plans, the Demon Lord loses his composure and becomes an erratic, violent fiend who seeks to take out his anger on someone else while satisfying his "strong appetite for bloodshed".In reality, Ghirahim shows himself to be a merciless, uncontrollable lunatic who merely hungers for battle and the brutal massacre of his enemies. This is demonstrated several times throughout the game; he first claims to beat Link "within an inch of his life", then promising to deafen his ears with the "shrill sound of his own screams", and lastly by beating Link senseless to deliver a final blow and thus"snuffing out the flame of his life." Despite all his disturbing and ruthless threats, Ghirahim can never best Link and becomes incredibly frustrated, outraged and aggravated at the fact that a mere human could defeat him.

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