The Canary Papercraft (Early Warning Crisis Detection)

The Canary Papercraft (Early Warning Crisis Detection)


The Canary Papercraft David Landis presents the latest Desktop Gremlin paper toy, The Canary.

Say "goodbye" to busted equipment and buggy computers--for good! Install The Canary Early Warning Crisis Detection system on top of any piece of equipment/device to keep it in tip-top shape. The Canary works while you are sleeping, descending into the depths of any machine to inspect, repair, maintain and emerge each morning with a friendly thumbs-up if all is well.

Prevent problems in your home or office BEFORE they happen (and enjoy a happy songbird tune at the same time)!

Fun Fact: Have you heard the saying "Canary in a coalmine" - Canaries are particularly sensitive to carbon monoxide and methane, miners would bring these birds down coalmines to detect dangerous gas build-ups, a dead canary signals bad air quality and that a speedy evacuation is needed.

Also, don't forget to check out Desktop Gremlin's T-shirt shop @ RedBubble, they've got color-customize shirts featuring the fun characters from their series.

Dekstop Gremlin - The Canary Papercraft [Download]

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