The Adventures of Tintin - Marlinspike Hall Free Building Paper Model Download


The Adventures of Tintin - Marlinspike Hall Free Building Paper Model DownloadThis building paper model is the Marlinspike HallCaptain Haddock's country house, based on the comic The Adventures of Tintin, the papercraft was created by Hells. The Marlinspike Hall is modeled after the central section of the Château de Cheverny. The French name is derived from Sart-Moulin, a village near Braine-l'Alleud in Walloon Brabant, Belgium; in an allusion to the Haddock family's maritime history, the hall's English name refers to the Marlinspike, a tool used in seamanship to splice ropes. In the Dutch versions of Tintin the building is called Molensloot'.

Marlinspike Hall first appears in The Secret of the Unicorn as the home of the story's villains, the Bird Brothers. At the end of Red Rackham's Treasure, the manor is purchased by Professor Calculus on behalf of the Captain; the fabled treasure itself is found hidden in the manor's old chapel, in the cellars. In the following years, Marlinspike provides a home base for Tintin and Haddock in between their various adventures. In The Castafiore Emerald, virtually all of the action takes place in the hall, its grounds, or the surrounding countryside.

Marlinspike Hall is presented as a large and luxurious dwelling adorned with numerous works of art, antique furniture, and a gallery of the Haddock family's treasures. The grounds comprise a park with extensive woodlands, wide lawns, a rose garden, a high surrounding wall, at least two gates, a neighbouring meadow, and at least one adjacent building. The size of the house and park would appear to require a number of domestic and gardening staff but only one - the faithful Nestor, who serves as butler to the Hall - is ever seen, although a gardener is mentioned once in the last pages of The Red Sea Sharks.

In Land of Black Gold Calculus blows up parts of the hall while conducting experiments to try and find an antidote to a chemical that causes fuel to become explosive. The Belgian corporation organized to manage the rights to Hergé's work is called Moulinsart S.A. after the name of Marlinspike in the original French.

You can download the paper craft model here: The Adventures of Tintin - Marlinspike Hall Free Building Paper Model Download