Tetra Pak Papercraft

Tetra Pak Papercraft


It was first used to store and transport milk, now it's known globally as one of the most versatile innovations in the area of aseptic liquid food packaging, what is it? why it's the Tetra Pak (company namesake). What does it look like? well, it's that paper carton that holds your milk, orange juice (frozen or not), yogurt, chocolate drink, etc.. Many people might not have known or heard this name but I'm pretty sure you've come in contact with it on your trip to the supermaket or convenience store. In honor of this humble product, Tetra Pak Taiwan is providing this free Tetra Pak papercraft model, complete with inserted straw, for free download. There are two PDF files, one for the simple instructions and one for the pattern. Also, two download links below, one from the actual site (it's the red arrow on the bottom left corner) and the other to a free file server (just in case we eat up all the bandwith on the first one :)

Tetra Pak - [Download Page] [Mirror Download]