Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Master Splinter Free Papercraft Download

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Master Splinter Free Papercraft Download


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Master Splinter Free Papercraft DownloadThis papercraft is Master Splinter, the adoptive father and the sensei of all the Turtles, based on the anime / comic series  (), the paper model was created by Gabor Bruncz. Splinter's wise, mature and is highly trained in Ninjitsu.

Splinter is many things to the turtles - Wise sensei, protective parent, loving father, stern disciplinarian, quirky master and Zen philosopher. A ninja master at the height of his abilities, he’s determined to train and protect his new family at all costs. His years of ninja training means he’s not only a fearsome fighter, but also remarkably in tune with the universe. Meaning when Splinter tells April that her "feelings" are a sign of a rare spiritual sensitivity.

Splinter can be very strict when it comes to training and letting his sons up to the surface; as seen in many episodes. Sometimes he uses harsh methods in order for them to learn a lesson as seen in "The Pulverizer Returns" Where he took away his sons' weapons so they could learn to fight outside their environment. Nonetheless, Splinter is a loving father who only wants what's best for his sons, and will do anything he can to protect them from harms way.

Splinter seems to despise anyone laying a hand on the turtles as seen in "It came Beneath the Depths" for he battled Leatherhead when he was out of control. His worst fear is losing his family all over again to the Shredder as seen in "Panic in the Sewer." His fear of losing the turtles to Shredder caused him to push their training to the point where they become exhausted, stressed, and antsy; though he does apologize for it. It could be possible Splinter fears the day the turtles will leave him someday as the Rat King, in "I, Monster" used that against him in an attempt to control him, but the turtles reassured him that they will always need their father. Splinter can be wary of humans, especially since he used to be one, but seems to have bonded well with April O'Neil, acting like a father figure to her.

As a human, Splinter was tall, lean, muscular and very handsome with dark eyes and black hair. He wore a red kimoto with his clan's symbol when he lived in japan. When he lived in America, he wore a whitish blue polo shirt and brown pants.

As a rat, he has black, brown and white fur, with a long white beard, whiskers, a pink tail, and a pink nose. He wears his kimoto that he wore in japan. Unlike all his incarnations, Splinter is taller than the turtles. Splinter has reddish brown eyes, and, despite being a rat, is still handsome.

As a master of ninjitsu, Splinter is wise, balanced, fast, and strong. He can easily take down larger opponents without any trouble, as seen in "It Came from the Depths." and can easily detect when an enemy is coming. Like April, he possesses a rare sensitivity gift that gives him psychic abilities. Splinter is also very skilled with weapons. [Source: wikia]

You can download this papercraft model template here: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - Master Splinter Free Papercraft Download