Tamako Market - Tamako Kitashirakawa and Dera Mochimazzi Cube Crafts

Tamako Market - Tamako Kitashirakawa and Dera Mochimazzi Cube Crafts


Tamako Market - Tamako Kitashirakawa and Dera Mochimazzi Cube CraftsThese two cube crafts are Tamako Kitashirakawa and Dera Mochimazzi, based on the anime series Tamako Market, the paper toys created by Jorge Cft. Tamako Kitashirakawa is a first-year in high school whose family runs a mochi shop in their town's shopping district called Tamaya. She enjoys her high school life and the baton club with her friends Kanna and Midori. She helps her family run the shop and invent new kinds of mochi. Her birthday is on New Year's Eve and is often forgotten due to the busy schedule.

Tamako is a short, youthful and bright-looking girl. She has blueish, black long hair that she always keeps in two pony-tails, kept together with white bands at the height of her ears. The ponytails fall over her shoulders. She often has a few strands of hair springing from her head. She has large, clear blue eyes and is often seen with a gentle smile and a slight blush.

Tamako is mostly seen wearing her school's uniform, which is composed out of a dark blue dress and a white shirt. The dress has two wide straps over her shoulders, four buttons on the chest area and a small belt around her taille. The bottom part of the dress looks like a regular skirt, reaching her knees. She wears the white shirt under the dress, which has a wide, flipped down collar and a red ribbon. Her calves are wrapped by white socks and she wears plain black shoes.

Dera Mochimazzi┬áis a bird that speaks Japanese, with a little bossy tone, that ends up staying at Tamako's house. He is a noble attendant for a royal court from a tropical island and was on journey to find a bride for its prince. However, after gaining an affinity for mochi, he has put on a lot of weight and thus cannot fly properly anymore, only being able to manage short distances before he runs out of breath. He is often just referred to as "Bird" by Tamako's family, or simply "Dera-chan" by Tamako, as his surname sounds very similar to "mochi mazui". Dera maintains that he is rather versed in the ways of love, sometimes giving Mochiz┼Ź and Midori love advice on their respective crushes on Tamako. Dera is rather full of himself as well, which usually stems from a series of misunderstandings. He believes anyone that sneezes in his direction is in love with him, he himself having a crush on Shiori.

Tamako Market is a Japanese anime television series produced by Kyoto Animation and directed by Naoko Yamada. Tamako Kitashirakawa is the eldest daughter of a family which runs a mochi shop named "Tama-ya" in Usagi-yama shopping district. One day, Tamako encounters a strange talking bird named Dera Mochimazzi who takes up residence in her home and thus, became a freeloader. The series follows the everyday life of Tamako, her friends, family and neighbors, and this peculiar bird.

You can download the paper toys here: Tamako Market - Tamako Kitashirakawa and Dera Mochimazzi Cube Crafts