Tales of Symphonia - Lloyd Irving Free Papercraft Download

Tales of Symphonia - Lloyd Irving Free Papercraft Download


Tales of Symphonia - Lloyd Irving Free Papercraft DownloadThis Tales of Symphonia papercraft is the Lloyd Irving, created by Orel67. Lloyd Irving is a strong-hearted who wishes for peace in the world without the sacrifice of others. Orphaned as a child, he was adopted and raised by a dwarf, Dirk. When Lloyd learns his mother, Anna, was killed by the desians, he decides to join Collete's journey. As he journeys with them, Lloyd kills Kvar after learning his mother was part of his Angelus Project and is the cause of her death. As Lloyd continues his journey with the party, he is chosen to wield the Eternal Sword to help them achieve their goals. To accommodate for his dual-sword fighting style, the Eternal Sword's powers enter Lloyd's Material Blades. After merging the two worlds and germinating the Great Seed into a Giant Kharlan Tree, Martel pronounces Lloyd as the tree's guardian and asks him to name it.

In the sequel, after reuniting the two worlds, Lloyd has been showered with both praise and hatred from the people of the world. He is publicly held responsible by the Church of Martel for causing genocide to a village, an event known as the Purge of Blood. This event is the reason why Emil Castagnier seeks to kill Lloyd. During the course of the game, Lloyd interferes with Emil's plan to resurrect Ratatosk who is a threat towards the Giant Kharlan Tree. After Decus is revealed to be the culprit of the Purge of Blood, Emil and Lloyd come to an understanding and work together towards the end of the game.

You can download this paper craft from here: Tales of Symphonia - Lloyd Irving Free Papercraft Download