Takara's Choro Q toy car free papercraft download


Takara's Choro Q toy car free papercraftThis cute toy car paper model is from japanese PS2 video game ChoroQ (known as Choro Q HG 4in Japan).  The Choro Q video games are a series of video games based on Takara's Choro Q toy cars (also known as Penny Racers in English-speaking markets). The games have been localised for Western release under many different names, including Gadget Racers, Penny Racers and Road Trip. Most of these games were developed by external companies, although they are usually credited to Takara since the developers' name rarely appears outside of the ending credits. Some of these developers include Tamsoft (Choro Q, Choro Q 2 and Choro Q 3), Barnhouse Effect (Shin Combat Choro Q, Choro Q HG and Choro Q HG 4) and E-game (Choro Q Wonderful, Choro Q HG 2 and Choro Q HG 3). Most are auto racing games with extensive opportunities for customisation, often including role-playing video game-style elements such as towns and side-quests. You can download this papercraft from here:Takara's Choro Q toy car free papercraft download