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The Greatsword of the Sin'dorei is a two-handed World of Warcraft sword item that improves hit rating by 45 points and increases attack power by 67, it is only available to t

An urn from the Land of the Titans (Uldum) in World of Warcraft, Uldum is an ancient desert and is WoW's version of Egypt, hence the distinctive design on the urn.WoW - Uldum

The Savage Cobalt Slicer is a one-handed World of Warcraft sword item, that improves hit rating by 29 points and increases attack power by 60.World of Warcraft - Savage Cobal

A new papercrafter on the World of Warcraft block, Apocalipsis and his Tauren Druid in cat form.In the World of Warcraft universe, the druid class is known for their ability

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Here's a unique gun papercraft from the World of Warcraft, the Mark "S" Boomstick.This gun binds when picked up and improves hit rating and critical strike rating by 18%. Atta

The Paper Flying Machine (Gyrocopter) is a World of Warcraft item that comes from a special loot card (Paper Flying Machine Kit) from the The fourth World of Warcraft Trading