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Uragan-1M Self-propelled Multiple Rocket Launcher System Free Paper Model Download

This paper model is an Uragan-1M, a self-propelled multiple rocket launcher system designed in the Russia, the papercraft is created by Russian Engineers, and the scale...
MAZ-543/MAZ-7310 Uragan Artillery Truck Free Vehicle Paper Model Download

This vehicle paper model is a MAZ-543/MAZ-7310 Uragan, a Soviet/Belarusian 8×8 artillery truck designed and developed by MAZ, the papercraft is created by SanjaProject, and the scale...
Energia-2 Launch Vehicle by Gae4ka-5

Gallery Information: Model Name: Energia-2 Builder: Gae4ka Designer: L.Cherkashyn Scale: 1:96 Template: Aailable Difficulty: Hard
Energia-2 Launch Vehicle Free Rocket Paper Model Download

This rocket paper model is an Energia-2, a Soviet rocket that was designed by NPO Energia to serve as a heavy-lift expendable launch system...