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TRON Paper Toy Game Free Download

This TRON paper toy is designed by desktopgremlins, It's super easy to print and build and you'll have a blast with family and friends -...
Tron - Light Cycle Free Papercraft Download

This tron papercraft is a Light Cycle, created by desktopgremlins. Light Cycles are vehicles resembling motorcycles that are driven by programs in the Game...
Tron Cubeecraft free paper toy download

Tron Cubeecraft free paper toy download
Tron - 3D Recognizer free papercraft

A Recognizer is a large hovering vehicle with a central cockpit supported atop two massive pylon legs. Space inside this module is enough for...
Tron 3D Light Cycle free papercraft

This is a paper model, download the printable here: Tron 3D Light Cycle
Tron Bit free papercraft

A Bit is a binary digit that is represented by a white polyhedral shape that is a compound of dodecahedron and icosahedron. It can...
TRON Recognizer Papercraft

Here is a free paper-model of the "Recognizer" from the mother of all CGI-movies: TRON. Two versions are available here: One full colored (so that...
LEGO Papercraft - M:Tron Astronaut

The M-Tron Astronaut minifig from the LEGO Space M:Tron theme that uses a red, black, and transparent-neon green color scheme.LEGO Papercraft - M:Tron Astronaut [Download]NASA

New version of the Light Disc papercraft (based on Tron: Legacy) created by Darkantz MkII.Tron Legacy - Light Disc Papercraft 2 [Download]Clu Lightcycle Papercraft [Related Po

In-game model of a gas mask / respirator used by the lab dudes in the Tron 2.0 video game.Tron - Gas Mask PapercraftWall-E & Eve Mask Papercrafts [Related Posts]Loki Mask Pap