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Birdo is a Yoshi-like character that appears in the Super Mario game series, instead of the green color, Birdo is pink, has a tube snout, wears a red ribbon, and is female.Su

The fire-breathing Mecha Koopas are the mechanical versions of the turtle-like creatures (Koopa Troopas) from the Super Mario series, this Mecha Koopa appears in Super Mario G

A minor character in the Super Mario 64 video game, the Headless Snowman can be found on the Cool Cool Mountain stage and stands on a pedestal. I'm not sure if you can see the

Tumble is a character from Mario Party 3 that serves as the host for the mini-games. Tumble has a Rayman-ish appearance, no legs, arms or body - has a round head with a dice o

This white and pink capsule papercraft is based from the Super Smash Bros. series of video games. It's an object thrown by the characters in the game that contains useful item

Here are the new paper toys on the Cubeecraft site, we've got three characters from Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. video game including Mario, a block, and a Goomba. Get it now.

Here's your chance to win a Super-Limited Collectors Edition of SUPER CRATE BOX.What is Super Crate Box? it is an 8bit themed action platform game created by Dutch indie stud

Super Mario papercraft #12345 ^^, this latest Mario model stands 30cm tall andwas created by DrakerDG (PaperBotz).New Super Mario Bros. Papercraft [Download]SSBB Bowser Paperc

An extruded model of a caped / super panda from St. Craft Warehouse, not entirely sure who this panda character is though, it looks like a Tarepanda custom.Super Panda Paperc