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Hetalia: Axis Powers - Chibi Spain Free Paper Toy Download

This paper toy is a chibi Spain (human name: Antonio Fernandez Carriedo, aka Oyabun), a once powerful nation that wound up driven to poverty by England,...
Spain National Football (Soccer) Team Jersey Free Paper Model Download

This is a Spain nationl football (soccer) team Jersey paper model, designed by J. Ossorio. You can download the papercraft tempalte here: Spain National Football...
Canon Papercraft: Sport - Spain, Switzerland, United States and Uruguay National Flags

The Olympic Games is coming! Here are the national flags for Spain, Switzerland, United States and Uruguay. With this handy set you can make a...

World Cup kits from PaperSport, home jerseys for both Netherlands and Spain. 2010 World Cup Futbol Jersey Papercraft - Netherlands [Download]2010 World Cup Futbol Jersey Pape