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Spaceballs - Miniature Winnebago Space Ship Paper Model Free Download

This paper model is a mini Winnebago, a space ship from the American parody film Spaceballs, the papercraft is created by Rasterize. You can download...
Spaceballs - Lord Dark Helmet Papercraft Free Download

This papercraft is the Helmet of Lord Dark Helmet, based on the American parody film Spaceballs, the paper model is created by Sasha Nosyrev....
Spaceballs - Dot Matrix Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

This cube craft paper toy is Dot Matrix, the droid of Honor for Princess Vespa at her wedding, based on the American comic sci-fi...

From the sci-fi parody film / cult classic, Spaceballs, an Eagle 5 papercraft designed by ButchPrice. Eagle 5 is an old Winnebago RV turned flying spaceship used by the heroe