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Santa Claus Candy Dispenser Papercraft [Download]Nativity Scene Christmas Papercraft [Related Posts]Santa Claus Papercraft Advent Calendar Santa's Elves Papercraft2010 Santa C

Ho! ho! huh? Something different from Alex Gwynne, Santa Claus like you've never seen him before.Sad Santa Papercraft [Download]Happy Christmas Tree Papercraft [Related Posts]

Finger puppet Christmas paper toys created by Zerolabor for Scamp.huFinger Puppet Santa Papercraft [Download]Finger Puppet Reindeer Papercraft2010 Santa Claus Papercraft and R

HO! HO! HO!, he's here! Santa Claus (aka Jolly Old St. Nick, Father Christmas, Kriss Kringle, St. Nicholas, etc.) the legendary patron saint of children who brings presents to

Disney's Jack Skellington (Nightmare Before Christmas) and Mickey Mouse in their Santa outfits.Santa Jack Papercraft Papercraft [Download]Mickey Mouse Santa Candy BoxSanta Cla

Santa is a busy man during this time of the year, preparing gifts of different shapes and sizes, checking his Christmas list (twice :), well, you know the rest of it. What mak