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Russian Firefighting Train Free Paper Models Download

Here is a russian firefighting railway system, designed by MK Cardmodels, the paper models may be assembled in simple or advanced versions (using additional...
Imperial Russian Airship "Giant" Paper Model

This paper model is the Imperial Russian Airship "Giant", designed by Ralph Currell. The scale of the papercraft is 1:350. Compared to other European...
"PIRS" DC-1 Russian Docking Module Papercraft

The Pirs docking compartment is a Russian module of the International Space Station (ISS). Pirs (Russian: Пирс, meaning "pier") -- also called "Stikovochny Otsek...
Vympel R-73 Russian short-range air-to-air missile papercraft

The Vympel R-73 (NATO reporting name AA-11 Archer) developed by Vympel machine-building design bureau, is the most modern Russian short-range air-to-air missile. Vympel R-73 Russian...

Spetsnaz refers to Russia's super secretive special forces teams, the three knonwn types of spetsnaz units are: Spetsnaz FSB (counter-terrorist), Spetsnaz MVD and Spetsnaz GR

The T90 Russian battle tank manufactured by Uralvagonzavod (the largest main battle tank manufacturer in the world), the T90 is primarily used by the Russian Ground Forces.T9