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Disney: Monsters, Inc. - Carl Fredricksen and Russell Free Paper Toys Download

These two paper toys areĀ Carl Fredricksen and Russell, two characters from Disney/Pixar's 2009 film Up. The paper models were created by Paper Minions. For...
Disney - UP Russell Free Paper Toy Download

This disney papercraft is the Russell, this paper toy is designed by Toy a Day. There is another version of UP Russell at the...
Disney Papercraft - UP Russell 3D Character free download

Put together this fun and easy 3D character of Russell and keep him close by to always remind you that adventure is everywhere! Instructions: Print out...
Disney.Pixar UP Papercraft - Russell "Wilderness Explorer"

Disney and Pixar's latest computer animated 3D film, UP, has released a Russell papercraft - he's the chubby little kid that stowaways on Carl's flying house.Disney Pixar UP -