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Large Destructive Fire and Rescue A-MB-3 Free Vehicle Paper Model Download

This vehicle paper model is a large destructive fire and rescue A-MB-3, created by Masayu. There is another version here: A-MB-3 papercraft . You can...
A large destructive fire and rescue A-MB-3 papercraft download

  Crew Five Vehicle weight 31,520 kg Maximum loading capacity 11,150 kg Length 11,950 mm Width 3,100 mm Total height 3,780 mm Maximum speed 100km / h Climbing ability tanĪ˜0.62 Minimum turning radius 11.9m Tank capacity 300 Engine Format: Number of cylinders RH10E: total displacement V10...

Mr. Fishhh is going to coast of Japan to help fish after the disaster. This tragedy inspired the birth of Mr. RescueFishhh. -paperjokerMr. RescueFishhh Paper Toy [Download]Win