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Utsuho Reiuji is a hell raven that appears in the 11th Touhou Project game called Subterranean Animism, she has the ability to manipulate nuclear fusion and can be found in t

Atom from Glue2 Chronicle has finished another component for his Paper Clock Project, the Oval gear papercraft is now complete and ready for downloading.Oval Gear Papercraft [

Alice Margatroid is the second Touhou papercraft to feature the new "sitting" form from designer GT40.Alice is a magician that has the ability to manipulate and control puppe

Same old Touhou characters, different papercraft design style - created by Japanese designer pontarocene.Touhou Project Papercraft - Tenshi Hinanawi [Download]Anime Papercraft

After almost a year since we last saw of it, Jerom's Egopaper is back on track. E is for Emo.Project Egopaper Alphabet Papercraft: E [Download]Lunar Globe Papercraft [Related

The 1st batch of colorful paper toys from the Milk Gone Mad! Paper Toy Show - Yubba Project. Participating artists includes: Alexander Gwynne, Anil Tortop, Bengi Gencer, Bugr