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Disney - Figaro Head Papercraft Free Template Download

This papercraft is Figaro Head, created by hyakunin. Figaro is Geppetto's pet Tuxedo Cat and the secondary tritagonist in Disney's 1939 film Pinocchio. He later...
Pinocchio Free Papercraft Download

This figure papercraft is Pinocchio, the main protagonist from Disney's same named film, the paper model was created by Sabi96. Pinocchio is a living puppet...
Bigbang G-Dragon Pinocchio Dummer Free Paper Toy Download

Bigbang G-Dragon Pinocchio Drummer paper toy was created by Pandabobo. She designed many Bigbang paper toys. You can download this papercraft here: Bigbang G-Dragon...

I don't really follow Chicago politics, but here's an interesting Chicago Tribune papercraft tribute to Sen. Roland Burris.Wasn't really interested the whole story so I didn't