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NAO and Pepper Humanoid Robot Paper Toys Free Templates Download

Here are two humanoid robot paper toys: NAO and Pepper, created by Aldebaran. You can download the papercraft toy templates here: NAO and Pepper Humanoid Robot Paper Toys Free...
Salt 'n' Pepper Free Paper Toys Download

These two paper toys are Salt 'n' Pepper, two tiny wind up robots who are never found far apart, the papercrafts are created by...
Vegetable Papercraft - Bell Pepper Free Template Download

This vegetable papercraft is the Bell Pepper (aka sweet pepper, pepper or capsicum), a cultivar group of the species Capsicum annuum, the paper model...

Jennifer Bryan (Creaturekebab.co.uk) just released a papercraft toy based on a character from her entry to Wacom's "Bring Your Vision To Life" contest, check it out. "The Reve