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WWII Panzer III E-79 Tank Free Paper Model Download

This paper model is a Panzer III E-79 (VK6600(h) Panzerkampfwagen E-79), a fictional tank that was designed by the Japanese manga artist Mamoru Nagano...
First Men in the Moon - Cavorite Sphere free paper model download

This the Cavorite Sphere paper model is from the film "First Men in the Moon". You can download this papercraft from here: First Men in...
Shanty Boat (houseboat) Coolwater II free paper model download

This shanty boat 'cool water II' is from chthulhu. It is 1/72 scale, and suitable for 25 mm tabletop gaming, plus an excellently weathered version...
Simple Submarine Paper Model free download

This is a generic modern attack submarine, in both a grey and an uncolored version, with a display stand. The colored model shown below...
Church in Petzow free Building Paper Model

This building paper model is the church in petzow. Petzow has been a suburb of Werder since 1929. This name was first mentioned in...
Steam engine free paper model download

Steam engine free paper model download
Papermodel Car - Toyota 2000GT free papercraft

These paper model car are Toyota 2000GT series, there are 4 versions for them. The Toyota 2000GT is a limited-production, front-engine, rear-wheel drive, two-seat,...

Not a double post ^^ here's one more Hinakazari papercraft, but this time from Kirin (Japan). As always with the Kirin sets, parts are released per week, so with this one you'

Squeezycheesecake has update her Wizzrobe papercraft, it now has smoother lines and is less blocky.The Wind Waker - Wizzrobe Paper Model v2 [Download]Tingle Papercraft [Relate
Star Wars – R2D2 Paper Model

Simpler version of the R2D2 model from Paper Replika.Star Wars - R2D2 Paper Model [Download]Star Wars - R2D2 Papercraft [Related Posts]R2D2 Mailbox PapercraftStar Wars - Repub