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WWII Panzer III E-79 Tank Free Paper Model Download

This paper model is a Panzer III E-79 (VK6600(h) Panzerkampfwagen E-79), a fictional tank that was designed by the Japanese manga artist Mamoru Nagano...
First Men in the Moon - Cavorite Sphere free paper model download

This the Cavorite Sphere paper model is from the film "First Men in the Moon". You can download this papercraft from here: First Men in...
Shanty Boat (houseboat) Coolwater II free paper model download

This shanty boat 'cool water II' is from chthulhu. It is 1/72 scale, and suitable for 25 mm tabletop gaming, plus an excellently weathered version...
Simple Submarine Paper Model free download

This is a generic modern attack submarine, in both a grey and an uncolored version, with a display stand. The colored model shown below...
Church in Petzow free Building Paper Model

This building paper model is the church in petzow. Petzow has been a suburb of Werder since 1929. This name was first mentioned in...
Steam engine free paper model download

Steam engine free paper model download
Papermodel Car - Toyota 2000GT free papercraft

These paper model car are Toyota 2000GT series, there are 4 versions for them. The Toyota 2000GT is a limited-production, front-engine, rear-wheel drive, two-seat,...

Squeezycheesecake has update her Wizzrobe papercraft, it now has smoother lines and is less blocky.The Wind Waker - Wizzrobe Paper Model v2 [Download]Tingle Papercraft [Relate
Star Wars – R2D2 Paper Model

Simpler version of the R2D2 model from Paper Replika.Star Wars - R2D2 Paper Model [Download]Star Wars - R2D2 Papercraft [Related Posts]R2D2 Mailbox PapercraftStar Wars - Repub

Not a double post ^^ here's one more Hinakazari papercraft, but this time from Kirin (Japan). As always with the Kirin sets, parts are released per week, so with this one you'