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Paper Replika heads to Egypt with this Horus papercraft - an ancient solar god of Egyptian mythology with the head of a falcon. Horus is the son of Osiris (god of the underwor

This is the La Catrina papercraft toy from our friend Christopher Bonnette at Macula.tv - La Catrina is a character based on Mexican folklore and she is synonymous to death. O

A part of Indo/Malay folklore, the Pocong is a type of ghost whose manifestation reflects their appearance when they were wrapped in their death shroud. Since the Pocong is co

The Nurikabe is a spirit in Japanese folklore. It is depicted as a large wall that stops travellers on the road, usually at night. Trying to go over or around it is imposible,

Saint Patrick's Day (aka St. Paddy's Day) is just around the corner - it's an annual feast day celebration for the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. It is held every Mar

From Balinese myth, Rangda is the widow-witch queen of Leyaks (innards monster), often depicted with droopy breasts, sharp claws, googly-eyes, and a very long tongue. Papercr