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McDonald Quarter Pounder Free Papercraft Download

McDonald Quarter Pounder Hamburger papercraft is designed by McDonalds Japan original website. You can download the paper model here: McDonald Quarter Pounder Hamburger Free...

Here are the thieving characters used by McDonald's to promote their stuff, Hamburglar (steals hamburgers) and the Fry Kids, aka Gobblins (steals french fries). Look for thes

In celebration of McDonalds Japan's four new "Big America" Quarter Pounder burgers: the Hawaiian Burger, California Burger, New York Burger, and of course, it ain't big witho
McDonald's Papercraft Characters & More

The AttaBoy paper toy from MonkeyInADryer, an easy and simple papercraft resembling a bobble-head doll, and unlike the others that we've featured before, this one actually bo