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Macross Plus - General Galaxy YF-21 Omega One Fighter Free Papercraft Download

This paper model is a simple version General Galaxy YF-21 (Unofficial codename: Omega One), an UNAF/UNS prototype main advanced variable fighter from the Macross Plus...
Macross Plus - YF-19/VF-19 Alpha One (Fighter Mode) Free Aircraft Paper Model Download

This aircraft paper model is a fighter mode Shinsei Industries AVF YF-19/VF-19 Alpha One, a fighter from the Macross Plus OVA and movie of the Macross...
Macross Plus - YF-19 Alpha One Free Papercraft Download

This papercraft is a YF-19 (codename "Alpha One"), one of the two experimental fighters featured in the Macross Plus OVA and movie, the paper model...
Macross Plus Papercraft - YF19 Excalibur Variable Fighter

From the Macross Plus anime, the YF-19 was part of the Project Super Nova Advanced Variable Fighter, a project by the UN Spacy to find a replacement for the VF-11 Thunderbold.