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League of Legends - 2013 Snowdown Showdown Free Paper Toys Download

These four paper toys are Singed, Sivir, Poro and Lulu, from League of Legends 2013 Snowdown Showdown, which is a seasonal event to commemorate the...
Final Fantasy X - Chibi Lulu Free Paper Toy Download

This paper toy is a chibi Lulu, a fictional twenty-two-year-old black magic user in the Final Fantasy video game series, and one of the main...
Final Fantasy X - Lulu Free Doll Papercraft Download

This doll papercraft is the Lulu, based on the game "Final Fantasy X". The paper model is designed by ninjatoes. Lulu is a fictional...

Final Fantasy X's Lulu, a magician (Black) that uses dolls to cast different spells, she's also one of Yuna's Guardians.Final Fantasy X - Lulu Papercraft [Download]Final Fanta

Based on Final Fantasy X, the black mage - Lulu - uses dolls of various Final Fantasy creatures to attack enemies and this Moogle is one of those dolls. Lulu's Moogle papercra