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For video gamers E3 is on the of the most anticipated yearly gaming convention comprised of the computer and video game industry. This is the time of year when video game deve

From Tomb Raider: Legend, you can find this gold artifact in level 2 - Peru "Return to Paraiso" - inside the ruins you'll have to solve a simple ball puzzle that makes use of

3D Link paper model based on the 8-bit sprites of the original Legend of Zelda video game (aka THe Hyrule Fantasy: Legend of Zelda), papercraft created by squeezycheesecake.Th

The White Sword given by the old hermit living in the Waterfall from the Legend of Zelda video game.White Sword Papercraft [Download]8Bit Wooden Sword Papercraft [Related Pos

Check it out, a new designer in the block with lots of Zelda papercrafts to share with us ^^Includes paper models of the Clawshot, Cucco, Fierece Deity Link, Ganondorf's Hors

Gorbesh is a Reaverbot from the Mega Man Legends series, he comes to battle equipped with a laser blaster, shield, and Japanese-style straw hat ^^.Mega Man Legends - Gorbesh P

This is one of the weapons used in the Legend of Zelda video game series, Link's primary ranged weapon before upgrading to the bow. This slingshot papercraft seems to be incom

Chibi Link paper model using Niseke's popular template, created by Dragons-Triforce.Legend of Zelda - Chibi Link Papercraft [Download]Four Swords Link Papercraft [Related Pos

The bossy, fearless, tan, blonde girl and pirate captain. She has a crew of six and made her first appearance in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. Tetra was revealed to be

We have tons of Nintendo papercraft here on our site - Legend of Zelda, Mario Brothers, Pokemon - but if you want even more, let's visit the (unofficial) Nintendo Papercraft s