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Movable Kirin Airplane Free Papercraft Download

This airplane paper model is a Movable Kirin Plane, created by a japanese designer “坂啓典”. You can download the aircraft paper model here: Movable Kirin...

Kirin (Japan) has three new Tanabata (Star Festival) papercrafts for 2011 - bamboo decoration (sasakazari), the lovers Orihime and Takiboshi, and a star guide. The three paper
Kirin Beverage Robot Papercraft

Some cool papercrafts from the longtime leader in the Japanese beer market, Kirin Brewery Co. They're part of the Mitsubishi group of companies. The papercrafts are located on

Not a double post ^^ here's one more Hinakazari papercraft, but this time from Kirin (Japan). As always with the Kirin sets, parts are released per week, so with this one you'