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KAGUYA Highway Luxury Bus - Setra S415 HDH Mechanic Vocaloid Paper Model

This vehicle paper model is a Setra S415 HDH, nicknamed "Mechanic Vocaloid", from MegaMoonLiner's KAGUYA Highway Luxury Bus series. There is another papercraft here: KAGUYA Highway...
KAGUYA Highway Luxury Bus Paper Model Free Download

This vehicle paper model is a KAGUYA Highway Luxury Bus, created MegaMoonLiner. You can download the papercraft template here: KAGUYA Highway Luxury Bus Paper...
Princess Kaguya Free Paper Craft Download

This mascot papercraft is the Princess Kaguya of the Fuji Festival. Download the paper craft toy here: Princess Kaguya Mascot Papercraft Free Download

There' so many Kaguya's used in the Japanese anime and manga series', I couldn't keep up. Kaguya is originally part of the Japanese mythology & folklore (The Tale of the Bambo