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Dragonstalker Helmet Papercraft download

The model itself is a pretty easy and straight forward build and you can easily see how it is done on the .pdo. Aside...

Now check this out, this might be a simple Imperial Stormtrooper helmet papercraft but if you look closely at the model you can see that it has all the right folds and curves.

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the American Footbal League, DIL from IRP has created these football helmet papercrafts that have the old designs of the AFL teams.The

The helmet worn by Terran's elite ghost agents (Spectres), papercraft by Yanir.StarCraft 2 - Spectre Papercraft (Helmet) [Download]StarCraft 2 - Wraith Papercraft [Related Pos

Life-size NCR Ranger helmet papercraft by Brandon, the Ranger helmet is standard issue gear to the New California Republic's elite Desert Rangers.Fallout New Vegas - NCR Range
Exdeath Helmet Papercraft

The horned helmet of Final Fantasy V and Dissidia's ultimate villain, Exdeath (aka X-Death, aka ExDeath).Exdeath Helmet Papercraft [Download]Cactuar Papercraft [Related Posts

1:1 scale Tron helmet papercraft from the Tron 2.0 video game, similar in style to a hockey helmet.Tron Helmet PapercraftStormtrooper Helmet Papercraft [Related Posts]Hayabus
STALKER – Sfera M12 Helmet Papercraft + Steel Helmet

Two more life-size/military type helmets from the S.T.A.L.K.E.R video game, paper models by X.Diem STALKER - Sfera M12 Papercraft w/ Steel Helmet [Download]Protoss Stalker Pap