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Lots Of Hangselm Paper Toys Free Templates Download

Here are lots of Hangselm paper toys, designed by street-artists NEVERCREW. An Hangselm is made to hang on to something or someone and hang...

Series 2 for NEVERCREW's Hangselm paper toy has started, only one entry for now and it's by artist Simona Meisser.Hangselm Paper Toy (Not An Air Freshner) [Download]Ice Cream

Check out this exciting new paper toy series from NEVERCREW (Christian Rebecchi & Pablo Togni), it's called Hangselm, and this is Series 1 - The Dirty Painters.APPARENTLY ITS

Lots more added to series #2 of the Hangselm paper toy (new designs by JP. Schoch, Dre, Alex Gwynne, Jason P. Alguien, and Idgrafica.Hangselm Paper Toy Series 2 (Update) [Dow