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Megazone 23 - Garland Free Mecha Paper Model Download

This mecha paper model is Garland, from the four-part original video animation Megazone 23, the papercraft is created by Toyoppe. You can download this...
Platonic Solids Garland Free Paper Craft Download

This papercraft series includes 5 geometric shapes: Cube, Icosahedron, Tetrahedron, Octahedron and Dodecahedron, designed by Kate. Don't forget to string them together. You can download...
Origami Modular Garlands Tutorial

These origami Modular Garlands are designed by Francis Ow, and the tutorial by Leyla Torres. Below is a video instruction: Source: Origami Modular Garlands Tutorial
Canon Papercraft: Halloween Gift Card - Garland Card Set Free Paper Model Download

This Halloween Garland Card Set gift card is designed by Canon Papercraft. This fun card opens up to reveal a chain of cute Halloween items....
Life Size Garland's Helmet Free Papercraft Template Download

Garland's Helmet paper model is designed by Lubdar, it is life size, the paper craft is based on the final fantasy game series, you...
Dissidia Final Fantasy - Garland Ex Mode Free Papercraft Download

This Final Fantasy papercraft is designed by ACE crafts. Garland is one of the villains fighting for the side of Chaos in Dissidia Final...

Garland is a very deadly villain from Dissidia: Final Fantasy, he's covered with a fierce battle armor and wields a super-big, multi-form sword.Dissidia - Garland Papercraft