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This diorama papercraft depicts what initially was thought to have started the Great Chicago Fire of 1871 - Betsy the cow accidentally kicking a lantern inside Patrick and Cat

A Link to the Past scene - Agahnim banishes Princess Zelda to the Dark World as Link watches helplessly.A Link to the Past - Dark World Banishment Papercraft (Diorama) [Downlo

Special Tubbypaws papercraft tribute featuring the Mushroom Kingdom's main mode of transportation.Super Mario Papercraft - Warp Pipe 2 [Download]Super Mario - Warp Pipe Paper

A fight scene from the Mega Man Battle Network, between Mega Man EXE and a trio of Mets (w/ their indestructible hard hats).Mega Man Battle Network DioramaDonkey Kong Papercra

Papercraft model of the Saotome Research Institute that appears in the Getter Robo G anime series.Use the pic below as guide on what to click.REVORAMA Getter Dragon Papercraf
Hatsune Miku Papercraft Diorama

This leek girl might not be Vocaloid's "It" girl anymore, but Hatsune Miku can still bring it. This Hatsune Miku papercraft diorama was created by Japanese designer kurumigi.F

Zelda 2 - Adventure of Link diorama created by Litro Craft.Zelda 2 - Adventure of Link Papercraft (Diorama) [Download]Zora Link Papercraft [Related Posts]Zora PapercraftFour S

A scene from Capcom's Bionic Commando game showing Ladd (protagonist) swinging from a ceiling - using a grappling gun that is attached to his bionic arm.Bionic Commando Dioram

Look at this adorably cute papercraft diorama from Jerom, it shows Kiwitiki, a platforming game developed by Dijiko that is heading to the iPhone 3G/3GS and iPod Touch.Kiwiti

The tragic incident that happened in Boston's Little Italy (North End) more than 90 years ago when a large molasses tank exploded and resulted in the death of 21 people and 1