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Posca Papertoyz Design Contest

More info and download please visit poscapapertoyz website here.

Get a free Baby Gomper paper toy from J.E. Moore by sending a self-addressed stamped envelope (SASE) to him, build the paper toy, send a pic and be entered in his photo conte

And the winners are . . .Joshua J. "Sunbathing" featuring paper toys from Kamimodel (Rommy), Marshall Alexander (Birdy Num Num), and 3eyebear (Birds)Shmena M.(aka Gena S.) "R

Facebook-based contest from FetchDog.com - build the Fetch dog paper toy, take a creative picture and then submit it via Facebook.Fetch Dog Paper Toy + Photo Contest [Download

Our contest has ended, thanks to everybody that participated and submitted their cool photos. To the readers that were sending me email all day ^^ asking about results, I'm te

If you're a fan of flight/combat sims then check out Kotaku's contest for next weeks release of Ace Combat 6: Fires of Liberation (エースコンバット6 解放への戦火 Ēsu Konbatto Shikkusu K

Here's your chance to win a Super-Limited Collectors Edition of SUPER CRATE BOX.What is Super Crate Box? it is an 8bit themed action platform game created by Dutch indie stud
Pally Pal Paper Toy Contest

Their first contest was such a success that they're now having a new one, create a design for their new Pally Pal paper toy (formerly Atta-Boy) using any of the Coen Brothers