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Poland's currency is called the zloty (PLN) and the basic unit of money is refered to as groszy.This 200 PLN banknote papercraft has Sigismund I the Old (King of Poland c 150

The kyat (K) is the official currency for Burma (aka Republic of the Union of Myanmar), this K1000 banknote has the lion-like figure Chinthe on the obverse side and Ministry o

It's China's turn in the banknote papercraft series from Paper Replika.Renminbi is the name of the currency of the People's Republic of China (PRC), yuan refers to their basic

Japan's currency is known as the yen (JPY), with subunits being sen and rin. Their banknote denominations range from 1000 to 10000.This JPY2000 banknote papercraft has the Sh

The 1000 francs from the 8th series of Swiss banknotes, the obverse features the portrait of historian Jacob Burckhardt and the reverse side shows one of the arched windows fr

North Korea's (aka Democratic People's Republic of Korea) official currency is known as the won ( / KPW), and the subunits as chon.This 5000 banknote papercraft has Kim Il-su

Malaysia's currency is known as the ringgit (RM) and their basic unit of money is refered to as sen.This RM100 bankote papercraft has Tuanku Abdul Rahman (1st supreme ruler)

Brazil's official currency is known as the real (R$ / BRL), and the subunits as centavos.This R$100 banknote papercraft has Efígie da República (Effigy of the Republic) on th

South Africa's official currency is called the "rand" (R / ZAR) and is subdivided into 100 cents.This R200 banknote papercraft has a leopard pictured on the obverse side and