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Chickenhare and Banjo Free Paper Toys Download

These two paper toys are Chickenhare and Banjo, based on the graphic novel Chickenhare, the papercrafts were designed by Chris Grine. You can download...
Banjo-Kazooie - Old King Coal Free Paper Craft Download

This Banjo-Kazooie paper craft is designed by javierini. Old King Coal is the boss of Glitter Gulch Mine and is essentially a gigantic living...

Sing along with Thunderpanda's latest creation, Banjo Bird (w/ sombrero and 5-string).Banjo Bird Papercraft [Download]Blathers Papercraft [Related Posts]Toki Tori PapercraftZ

One more Banjo Kazooie papercraft post to end what has been a hectic week for me. The honeycomb is an item in the Banjo Kazooie universe that serves as health points, if you'r