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Reddish 3EyedBear Custom Free Paper Toy Download

This paper toy is Reddish 3EyedBear, customized by Salazad, and the original template created by 3eyedbear. "3EyedBear has landed on earth as a pioneer...
2013 3EyedBear Calendar Free Paper Craft Download

This 3D calendar papercraft (2013) is designed by 3EyedBear using 3EyedBear paper toy template. You can download this calendar 3d paper craft here: 2013...
3eyedbear papercraft designs all in one download

More informations please visit 3eyebear's website:http://www.3eyedbear.com/

New group of 3EyedBear customs from Dyadic, Nicolas Saloquin, Marko Zubak, Mario Bosse, and Horrorwood created to raise money for a local children's hospital.3EyedBear Paper T

Another Panda Crew custom for today, this one using 3EyedBear paper toy and featuring a lighthouse design with beacon.3EyedBear Headlight Bot Paper Toy [Download]Retrobot Pape