Swat Kats - Callie Briggs Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download

Swat Kats - Callie Briggs Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download


Swat Kats - Callie Briggs Cube Craft Free Paper Toy DownloadThis cube craft paper toy is Callie Briggs, the deputy mayor of Megakat City, based on the anime series SWAT Kats: The Radical Squadron, the paper model was created by SKGaleana. Callie Briggs appears by first time in the episode "The Pastmaster Always Rings Twice" were she was interviewing Dr. Abby Sinian in the Megakat City History Museum about the exhibition with the theme: "The Dark Ages", where the Dr. Sinian was analyzing the Pastmaster's coffin-chest.

After listen a clatter in a hall of the exhibition, they were chased by a sabertooth tiger shaped creature revived by Pastmaster while he was looking for her magic book: "The Tome of Time". When they can reach the roof they were set in the border of the building, but the Swat Kats could saved them and dispose of the feline with the cement machine gun.

While the Dr. Sinian was explaining who was the responsible, Callie sights Pastmaster while he carries his book and summon a kattasaurus rex in order to create a havoc while he was looking for a way to transport Megakat City back to the Dark Ages. When the SWAT Kats was abducted by one of the time portals of Pastmaster, she goes with Commander Feral with the Dr. Sinian in order to catch and stop Pastmaster before he accomplishes his purpose and reproaches him for not listen the Dr. Sinian's advice. Later, they tried to negotiate with Pastmaster, without success and being locked in the service room. Finally, she tells to the SWAT Kats, via communicator that they must prevent the clock tower strikes twelve o'clock and at the end, she's with Dr. Sinian and Mayor Manx looking the Turbokat flying in the distance.

Starting from there, she will be the damsel in danger, as seen in the episode "The giant bacteria", where her and Mayor Manx was chased by the monstrous bacteria created by the Dr. Viper on the new Megakat City Park, but, thanks to Commander Feral they were saved. Later, she was in the Megakat City Biochemical Labs with the Dr. N. Zyme while he was preparing a special missile with antibiotics for stop the giant monster, and after that, being captured by Dr. Viper, who planned used her as his escape pass, but thanks to the Swat Kats, they could save her and corner Dr. Viper, but he used the two catalyst 99 recipients to fire the labs and scape.

Later, she would be a witness with many citizens of the Dark Kat assault to the Megakat City Nuclear Plant, and how the Dark Kat ship shot down the Kat's Eye New chopper; and later, the Lieutenant Steel say her about the Commander Feral's infiltration plan on the Dark Kat ship, and later, she will communicate it to the Swat Kats when they was making repairs to the Turbo Kat.

The problems for her are just starting, when the Mayor Manx was selling the new business center, the Megakat Tower to an oriental investors, Callie followed the janitor, who was the Dr. Viper disguised, and she discovered the Dr. Viper irrigated all the plants with a mutagenic chemical, who had robbered in the last encounter, and when she tried to escape, Dr. Viper took her as a hostage and the mutated plants sealed all the access, trapped her. But, before that, she get success to contact the SWAT Kats, Razor entered to the tower, Callie, confusing him with another monster plant, hits his head with a pot, after that, they try to escape through the air condition system, discovering in the process, the mutated plants are weak against the cold. With this info, they approach the Turbokat and launch a huge rocket cooler gas to freeze all the tower and destroy the Dr. Viper scheme. Finally, she ask to the guys they leave her in the front, due the mayor will need all her assist for that disaster.

The peaceful time will be interrupted, in the episode "The Metallikats", the dangerous former mob chiefs, Mac and Molly Mange has returned from the grave and ready to take revenge of all those has put them on the Alkatraz Island Prison and Callie reached the first place when they started, facing Feral for the asseverations where he charges against the SWAT Kats, and responding to Ann Gora that Mac and Molly should be jailed forever. Later, she's seen in the Mayor Manx's office showing him a newspaper with a worry about the Metallikats vendetta gains him; her and Manx see how Feral and the Enforcers was beaten by the two powerful cyborgs, who reached the office, taking Manx as a hostage and beating Callie, later, when she recovers, she says she was the responsible of the jailing of the Metallikats, and gets dropped of the building by Molly, but she's saved by the SWAT Kats. She and Razor quickly goes to the Manx office, facing Mac, when Razor was suffering a beating, she tried to save him using the emergency fire hose, but this was useless, Razor took a dump-ashtray, who makes Mac malfunction and later, exploted on the office. After T-Bone disposed of Molly, her, together Manx and Feral says farewell to the SWAT Kats, she asks Manx if he really is gonna create a Swat Kats day, and after saying that was only for not have a bad image, commissions to Feral the dispose of the Metallikats. [Source: wikia]

You can download the paper craft template here: Swat Kats - Callie Briggs Cube Craft Free Paper Toy Download