Sushi Papercraft Anyone?

Sushi Papercraft Anyone?


I love food, heck, everybody loves food! One in particular that's been constantly gaining popularity to a wider audience of food lovers worldwide is sushi, yes, that rolled-up or flattened rice thingy with you-don't-know-what toppings in the middle of it, that's sushi. Japan's most tasty contribution to the culinary world is fast becoming a staple in some major continents. There are many types and varieties of sushi, ranging from simple (salmon/shrimp) to exotic (fugu/shark) and to the absurd (raw deer/chicken). But in order to get the real thing you might want to find a "GOOD" sushi bar or Japanese restaurant instead of picking one up in your local grocery or supermarket. If you've got the dough, I encourage you to visit Nobu, it's worth every penny. Today's post features free sushi paper crafts that also includes a beer cut-out paper model and a turntable paper automata. Free download for these cool and cute crafts are available at the Paper Model Maniax web site. This is the same site were we got the Moichi paper model that we used on the Beginner's video post, feel free to check out their other section comprised of teddy bear paper crafts. Enjoy!

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